What our Fur Mom and Dad’s Think

We spend about 2 hours a day in Gauteng traffic on our way to doggy daycare and back. Griffin loves the fact that he can see what’s going on around us and I love that he is safe and buckled up. Thank you for a lovely product.

Elmaine Volschenk

My dog loves his seat. This is really a good investment if you travel with pets. It teaches them to calm down in the car and it prevents their nails from damaging the seats. 🐕

Tricia Apollis

My babies love their new seat. My boy no longer suffers from car sickness. Which is great for both of us. Amazing service and a brilliant product. Thank you so much!

Jessica Hodgkinson

Marco my Pug loves his woof stairs. He uses it continuously as he enjoys sleeping/cuddling on the bed with us. We also use the woof stairs for him to climb into our SUV on our wknd travels. Definitely a good buy. I would recommend it to all fur parents.

Mandy Padayachee

The Woof stairs are amazing. We have 3 Dachshunds and they just love running up and down the stairs getting on and off the couch. We have 2 sets of stairs now – one for the lounge and 1 for the braai room. I would highly recommend the stairs to anyone as it makes life so much easier not only for the fur babies who think this is just great – but for the hooman too!

Gerry Hart

The two step steps I purchased for my 3 mini Yorkies are perfect for our couch, no more lifting up & down except for when the one little girl decides to have a snooze on them & blocks the way for the other two. Thanks a great product which has given me peace of mind.

Kathy Choromanski

My pups absolutely love their Woof Seat so much so we have 1 in each car .. changed the way we travel with them xxx

Jacqui Caddie

I love it! keeps muddy paws off seats, my babies see out the window without jumping about the car and I have peace of mind because they are secured. Doubles as a bed when I travel locally which is super convenient.

Élia Luisa Da Silva

Quality product. Easy to install and remove. Very impressive clip design. Makes travel a much better experience for us and the dogs.

Duncan Lubbe

We absolutely love our Woof Seat. It’s great for short trips around town or long road trips far away. The clip is a must and saved our little baby when she jumped out the window. Absolutely awesome service from Tara who communicated all through the purchase. If you have a little fur baby you travel with get a Woof Seat no doubt!

Lee Preiss