What our Fur Mom and Dad’s Think

We spend about 2 hours a day in Gauteng traffic on our way to doggy daycare and back. Griffin loves the fact that he can see what’s going on around us and I love that he is safe and buckled up. Thank you for a lovely product.

Elmaine Volschenk

My dog loves his seat. This is really a good investment if you travel with pets. It teaches them to calm down in the car and it prevents their nails from damaging the seats. 🐕

Tricia Apollis

My babies love their new seat. My boy no longer suffers from car sickness. Which is great for both of us. Amazing service and a brilliant product. Thank you so much!

Jessica Hodgkinson

Marco my Pug loves his woof stairs. He uses it continuously as he enjoys sleeping/cuddling on the bed with us. We also use the woof stairs for him to climb into our SUV on our wknd travels. Definitely a good buy. I would recommend it to all fur parents.

Mandy Padayachee

The Woof stairs are amazing. We have 3 Dachshunds and they just love running up and down the stairs getting on and off the couch. We have 2 sets of stairs now – one for the lounge and 1 for the braai room. I would highly recommend the stairs to anyone as it makes life so much easier not only for the fur babies who think this is just great – but for the hooman too!

Gerry Hart

The two step steps I purchased for my 3 mini Yorkies are perfect for our couch, no more lifting up & down except for when the one little girl decides to have a snooze on them & blocks the way for the other two. Thanks a great product which has given me peace of mind.

Kathy Choromanski

My pups absolutely love their Woof Seat so much so we have 1 in each car .. changed the way we travel with them xxx

Jacqui Caddie

I love it! keeps muddy paws off seats, my babies see out the window without jumping about the car and I have peace of mind because they are secured. Doubles as a bed when I travel locally which is super convenient.

Élia Luisa Da Silva

Quality product. Easy to install and remove. Very impressive clip design. Makes travel a much better experience for us and the dogs.

Duncan Lubbe

We absolutely love our Woof Seat. It’s great for short trips around town or long road trips far away. The clip is a must and saved our little baby when she jumped out the window. Absolutely awesome service from Tara who communicated all through the purchase. If you have a little fur baby you travel with get a Woof Seat no doubt!

Lee Preiss
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    positive review  Bentley loves his Woof Stairs! I have just ordered more - 1 for the bedroom and 1 for the couch 😁 Great service too - such quick delivery!

    Roxanne Eastment-de Jong Avatar Roxanne Eastment-de Jong

    positive review  So happy that I settled on buying Woofstairs for our 15 year old small doggie. She started struggling to jump on the couch and sometimes even miss and fall. It's taken a few days for her to figure it out, but now she can safely get to her favourite seat in the house. Thank you so much for your awesome product and fantastic service!

    Salome van Aswegen Avatar Salome van Aswegen

    positive review  What fantastic service. We ordered our woof seat on Sunday night and it was delivered on Monday afternoon with a personalized note. Excellent service and product. Highly recommend.

    Vanessa Hutcheon Avatar Vanessa Hutcheon

    positive review  The stairs are perfect for our old lady that cannot jump well and now we can have some peacefull sleep at night without having to constantly pick her up and down the bed. Only have 1 complaint, it is too comphy and now our cat thinks it's her new bed🙈🥴

    Zonica Hooijer Avatar Zonica Hooijer

    positive review  They have quick and friendly service. The stairs are so nice and easy for our pets. The travel seat is so durable.

    Jessica Wessels Avatar Jessica Wessels

    positive review  Bought the 3-Step Woof Stair. Delivered within 24 hours after ordering. Great quality product, with a note for my three babies and extra chew toys for that personal touch. Works very well and doggies got the hang of it very easy. Happy client! Thank you Ora Pets!!

    Karen Carstens Avatar Karen Carstens

    positive review  Service and quality excellence. The personal touch of a hand written note was wonderful. Products are robust and look very durable. Excellent experience from order and now in use with our fur-babies. Thanks!

    Daniel Martinho Avatar Daniel Martinho

    positive review  Best service and very good product quality..... 😍🐶

    Jacques En Meliza Lombaard Avatar Jacques En Meliza Lombaard

    positive review  Their service and product - absolutely fantastic!! Thanks Lara and team. From Rossi - I love my woef chair

    Sat 4 Rent Avatar Sat 4 Rent

    positive review  Thank you Ora Pets for my childrens car seats. That absolutely love them. They not even wait for them to be put in the car and slept in them as soon as they were unpacked.

    Sandy van Houten Avatar Sandy van Houten

    positive review  @orapets Photos of Miele’s first trip in her Ora Pets seat👍😎 She loved looking out everywhere, and what a great new dimension it adds for us to explore together!!

    Adrian Odell Avatar Adrian Odell

    positive review  Just received my doggy steps and my pup absolutely loves them and got the hang of them immediately. The quality is exceptional and the light grey colour we chose is beautiful. Delivery was received in one day! Happy client 🐶🤍

    Gabriella Breakey Avatar Gabriella Breakey

    positive review  I received the Original Swallows car seat & lock today! it is stunning and Marlon my Shih Tzu fits in perfectly! thank you so much. Ordering the bed next! ❤️❤️🐕🐶🌸

    Gina Garizio Avatar Gina Garizio

    positive review  2nd time ordering from you. An absolute pleasure to receive goods so quickly and the Woof stairs are perfect for my Sherry who is now 10 years old

    Ingrid Crickmore Waltham Avatar Ingrid Crickmore Waltham

    positive review  My 13 year old chorkie Chica enjoyed the benefits of her 3-step stairs for the bed so much that I got her 2-step stairs for the couch as well. Ordered directly from Ora Pets, fast delivery. Chica thanks you!

    Melanie Saayman Avatar Melanie Saayman

    positive review  Your service is amazing. Thanks so much. Diego my yorkie puppy of 10 weeks already used the stairs last nite. 👍

    Sharon da Silva Avatar Sharon da Silva

    positive review  Thank you for the personal touch and toys! My yorkies love their new woof stairs and couldn't wait to get onto the bed again. Your products are of the highest quality and I will recommend it to anyone! #woofseat #woofstairs #orapets #napstation

    Melissa Hayes Avatar Melissa Hayes

    positive review  Your Woof Car Seat speaks for itself 🤍 Very happy Frenchie

    Jamey Walkinshaw Avatar Jamey Walkinshaw

    positive review  My Frenchie loves the Woof Stairs! I had other stairs which she found too narrow and these are just perfect. The colour range is fantastic and delivery was quick. Thank you Ora Pets!

    Michelle Doyle Avatar Michelle Doyle

    positive review  Super fast delivery and same day delivery. Love my woof stairs for my old man.

    Jolinda Roelofse Avatar Jolinda Roelofse

    positive review  Love the Woof Seat, my Fur babies can see out while we drive. Friendly, helpful service from Tara.

    Roxanne De Marcy Chelin Avatar Roxanne De Marcy Chelin

    positive review  Thank you Ora Pets for excellent service.Ordered late Monday afternoon and received the car seat Tuesday afternoon. Biskit a very happy Dachshund.

    Cecelia Hartman Avatar Cecelia Hartman

    positive review  Thank you for the beautiful doggy stairs and car seat for my woof. She even loved the heart that came with it lol I will be placing another order as the quality is amazing and you are well worth it!

    Velma Jansen Avatar Velma Jansen

    positive review  Thank you Ora Pets, Jupiter loves his woof seat 😍🐶

    Sharne Swanepoel Avatar Sharne Swanepoel

    positive review  Frankie loving his nap station from Ora pets

    Simone Kahn Avatar Simone Kahn

    positive review  With Ora Pets travel time is always a safe and enjoyable time 🐶🐶

    Alicia Du Plessis Avatar Alicia Du Plessis

    positive review  My doggie children just love their new step. The oldest does not need to rely on me to pick him on the bed. I was looking for him laat night and saw that he was sleeping on our bed. 😁🎉 The whole process from ordering to delivery was easy with no hassle. The personal touch of a hand written note was just the cherry on the cake. Will definitely recommend Ora Pets.

    Minette Collins Avatar Minette Collins

    positive review  So excited to have received my woof seat today. my two babies love it already! thank you so much for the quick and efficient service! I'm very impressed with the quality of the product!

    Clarissa Liebenberg Avatar Clarissa Liebenberg

    positive review  Our baby Bully just loves his Woof seat - Great product!!

    Ilse Maree le Roux Avatar Ilse Maree le Roux

    positive review  Fantastic products and amazing service, very personalised 🙂

    Shana Van Rijswijk Fugard Avatar Shana Van Rijswijk Fugard

    positive review  Thank you Ora Pets for the beautiful doggie stairs. Great design and so durable. Our pitbull has taken to it so quickly, easier access to our beds now 😁and the handwritten note was a great touch, the love and care you put into your products really shows.

    Natasha Govender Avatar Natasha Govender

    positive review  These are the absolute best doggy car seats🤗 and the service is excellent. My Order was delivered the very next day. And my doggies love the seats. Thanks sooooo much.

    Ezelle Minnaar Avatar Ezelle Minnaar

    positive review  Absolutely awesome product! The perfect solution for our pup! The woofstairs make the perfect entry and exit point from our high bed!

    Amanda Leigh Roux Avatar Amanda Leigh Roux

    positive review  Got my woof stairs today for my Dashie and she loves them! The non-slip mat is also nifty! Thank you for this little gift which I’m sure will make things so much easier going forward! 🤗

    Megan Wood Avatar Megan Wood

    positive review  Great efficient service and Bentley is in love with his unreal nap station, such good quality and most of all so comfy!😍

    Tyler Sanderson Avatar Tyler Sanderson

    positive review  Great quality products and exceptional service. My dogs love their 3-step and 2-step Woof stairs.

    Jana van Vuuren Avatar Jana van Vuuren

    positive review  Thank you Ora Pets for the #woofstairs Abby loves her new stairs to get comfy on the bed. Your services was excellent and your product is amazing quality

    Lindi Louw Avatar Lindi Louw

    positive review  Absolutely incredible service, same day delivery & fantastic product!!! Ordered the 3 steps for our French Bulldog Puppy, Bowie…. They are perfect & he is already using them🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Sam Sayle-Dangereux Avatar Sam Sayle-Dangereux

    positive review  Uitstekende diens en hulle laat jou honne kinders special voel.

    Hannetjie Van Eeden Avatar Hannetjie Van Eeden

    positive review  Love the woof stairs for my two girls. They where not 100% at first what it was for, by they finally realized what to do with it.

    Sonja Oosthuizen Hartzenberg Avatar Sonja Oosthuizen Hartzenberg

    positive review  Absolutely LOVE our woof 🐶 stairs, Ora Pets! ♥️

    Megan Rubie Avatar Megan Rubie

    positive review  What an amazing online shopping experience! Our Tyson LOVES his new #woofstairs We recently bought a new bed which he struggled to get on and giving us a mini heart attack when jumping off and slipping on our tiles. But now that’s all in the past as he immediately started using his new stairs and even has a lil attitude because he now has one more thing that belongs to him!!

    Suné Conradie Avatar Suné Conradie

    positive review  Thank you for the best service we've ever experienced from buying online. From the personalized hand written note to the stairs itself. Very Happy with the product we recieved 🐶

    Venessa Venter Avatar Venessa Venter

    positive review  Thank you so much for our woofseat!♥️😬🐶 Benji use to hate driving, now he loves it!♥️ Simply having his own little comfy seat is awesome! Now he can’t decide if he wants to take a nap in his new Woofseat or look out the Window the whole time🤣 We love it!♥️

    Helena Viljoen Avatar Helena Viljoen

    positive review  Our 14 year old needs help to get on the bed, he loves our new super soft king bed that has enough space now for 2 humans and 3 dogs but the bed is so high The 3 steps are such a help and he used it immediately, like he was waiting for it 😂

    Hannelie Jacobs Avatar Hannelie Jacobs

    positive review  Thank you @OraPets! Trevor is loving his #woofseat Can finally see out the window all the time and bark at everything that moves 🐶

    Nelette de la Rey Avatar Nelette de la Rey

    positive review  I have a woof seat and woof stairs, loving the products. My doggies love them, very useful, great quality. I have also ordered new covers, amazing service! Thank you

    Relan Horne Avatar Relan Horne

    positive review  Products are as advertised. Very satisfied

    Bridget Venter Avatar Bridget Venter

    positive review  Absolutely LOVE the personal service and super fast as well. Will definitely recommend Ora Pets.

    Nettie Jeanette Lubbe Avatar Nettie Jeanette Lubbe

    positive review  Maggie loves her new woof seat!! This elevated seat is great for our curious fur baby! Thank you also for the speedy delivery. We were so surprised to receive the seat so soon!

    Joané Geldenhuys Avatar Joané Geldenhuys

    positive review  So good! I got the deluxe woof seat and the team was super helpful in helping me choose the right size. Our pup loves it and it saved our bacon on a long car ride this weekend. 👌

    Lee Geldenhuys Avatar Lee Geldenhuys

    positive review  From day 1, Molly has loved her Ora Pets nap station and nothing has changed. Excellent quality, beautiful products, and unbeatable customer service. Special shout out to Tara Daniel who is unbelievably dedicated to the brand and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Thank you for making our fur babies comfortable in style 💛

    Jess de Kock Avatar Jess de Kock

    positive review  Excellent service and very good quality products

    Andre Botes Avatar Andre Botes

    positive review  Thank you received my order in two days - with a beautiful personal card addressed to Zack 🐾

    Madelyn Köhler Avatar Madelyn Köhler

    positive review  Oakley loving his new Nap Station x

    Gretha Cook Avatar Gretha Cook

    positive review  Very good quality beds and car seat. Very comfy for the dogs! Thank you for your speedy service!

    Rozelle Bester Avatar Rozelle Bester

    positive review  What makes you think Levi likes his new steps

    Carmen Lee Ackerman Avatar Carmen Lee Ackerman

    positive review  We received our order so fast, with the sweetest note! Absolutely recommend and I am so so satisfied with their service and the Woof Seat it is the best purchase I have made for my dog.

    Estee Oosthuizen Avatar Estee Oosthuizen

    positive review  Love the Ora Pets products - have the Woof Stairs and two Woof seats - my little dachsie girls Lucy and Gypsy couldn’t be without either.

    Shelly Philipson Moore Avatar Shelly Philipson Moore

    positive review  Such an amazing service, super fast and very thoughtful little personalized message. I highly recommend Ora Pets, the product is great.

    Thyne Nugteren Avatar Thyne Nugteren

    positive review  Excellent quality, prompt service and loved the personalized message. Thank you Ora Pets for the Perfect service and quality products!

    Nadine Viljoen Avatar Nadine Viljoen

    positive review  Best friendly service with the cutest woof seats.. Ready for our Dogventure!!

    Deona Van Rhyn Avatar Deona Van Rhyn

    positive review  Magnus is sooooo comfy in his Woofseat 😁

    Nadine Hennig Avatar Nadine Hennig

    positive review  Amazing amazing service, thank you so much for Marley's woof stairs ❤

    Irene Nathan Avatar Irene Nathan

    positive review  Oulike kaartjie van Ora Pets vir my twee liefietjies! Sal foto's neem en plaas wanneer Nina se Woof Seat hier aangekom het. Verder is Paulus absoluut versot op sy Woof Seat! 🐶🐾🐺 Baie dankie vir puik en uiters flinke diens! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #orapets #woofseat #LoveDogs

    Marina Miracles Avatar Marina Miracles

    positive review  Awesome Woof Seats. I purchased one first on recommendation from a friend as my youngest dog seems to get a bit car sick. We had it for a few weeks and had to purchase the second dog one as it was becoming a Race of who could sit first. Today we went out altogether in our own seats 🙂

    Deanne Huddy Avatar Deanne Huddy

    positive review  Great service. Product of great quality. Will recommend highly. Maybe also have a 4 step available on order basis only. Our bed a bid higher and the 3 step just to short but works.

    Jay Adrian Van Der Westhuizen Avatar Jay Adrian Van Der Westhuizen

    positive review  I am thrilled with Luna’s woofseat! Thank you for your speedy service and incredible products! Finally super stylish doggie accessories 🐾

    Emily Jane Avatar Emily Jane

    positive review  Absolutely amazing company with great products. Our miniature dachshund "Nano" is loving her freedom of getting on and off the bed all by herself with the help of her stairs. Thanks, Ora Pets - You guys Rock.

    Kay Cheytanov Avatar Kay Cheytanov

    positive review  I ordered a nap station for my 2 Bostons. It arrived today and I dont know who was more excited, me or the dogs! The colour splash is beautiful. The bed is so puffy! Love it. ❤🐶

    Samantha McKinley Avatar Samantha McKinley

    positive review  Amazing Product ! Beautiful Color ! Amazing service ! Thank you Tara and Team .. i can’t wait to see my little Frenchie Olive use her bed in 2 weeks time 🐶🌸

    Amy Niemandt Avatar Amy Niemandt

    positive review  Amazing product and great service! My dog loves the bed 😊💜

    Chantal Du Plessis Avatar Chantal Du Plessis

    positive review  My chihuahua loves the beautiful steps. Your service was superb. Will definitely recommend you!

    Arlene Germishuizen Avatar Arlene Germishuizen

    positive review  So impressed with Tara and Jason from Ora Pets. Great service, super communication. Highly recommend.

    Olivia Keyser Avatar Olivia Keyser

    positive review  Thank you for my doggie’s staircase. She loves it! Such good quality and soft landing on each step. A great product. PS: we and she loved the postcard as well ❤️🙌🏼

    Karen Van Niekerk Steyn Avatar Karen Van Niekerk Steyn

    positive review  Great quality products with fast delivery. The added note adressed to our pet was a very nice and personal touch ♥️

    Jurette Biermann Avatar Jurette Biermann

    positive review  The service is excellent and the product of high quality! My pooches love it so I will definitely recommend it!

    LA N MC Fernandez Avatar LA N MC Fernandez

    positive review  Ora Pets is fabulous! I ordered woof stairs for my two daxies last week and it was delivered the same day. THE SAME DAY. What excellent service! And the dogs love it. Thanks a million.

    Janine Morris Avatar Janine Morris

    positive review  Ordered Woof Stairs for my Frenchie. Wow Wow Wow what great service. I will recommend you anytime. It was a seamless process from doing my order to receiving my stairs. You know how to deliver a great customer experience! Well done Orapets!

    Hermien Musson Avatar Hermien Musson

    positive review  Ordered online and next day delivery in level 4 lockdown! Excellent quality ! Stable, washable! Basil can now jump over the moon!!

    Melinda Els Avatar Melinda Els

    positive review  Highly recommend them! Ordered the woof stairs on Sat. I paid via EFT on Sunday and they were delivered via The Courier Guy on Monday!! All correspondence has been super efficient and they are great quality and comes with an anti slip mat too! my Sammi 🐶🐾 used them straight away 👏👍 #WoofStairs #OraPets

    Lisa Horne Avatar Lisa Horne

    positive review  I bought a car seat for my little fluff and was so impressed. good quality and most useful. Two days ago I ordered an additional cover and received my package in one day's time. Mostly recommended

    Irma Jacobs Avatar Irma Jacobs

    positive review  I highly recommend their Nap Stations. My Pug, Maya, now refuses to sleep on any other of her beds throughout the house. 😂 So now I gotta move the Nap Station to each room for her comfort. 10/10 🐾

    Kelsey Niehaus Avatar Kelsey Niehaus

    positive review  I love local businesses that have such passion and drive. It’s very clear in their high quality products and awesome customer service. 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Elizma Oosthuizen Avatar Elizma Oosthuizen

    positive review  Lulu loves her woof seat. Thanks so much

    Caron Lea Hurst Avatar Caron Lea Hurst

    positive review  Woof seat is the only way to travel! Excellent quality.

    Cornelia Hutchinson Avatar Cornelia Hutchinson

    positive review  Just got some very needed Woofstairs for our Basset pup Riley to use by the couch...she's already using it, thank you Ora Pets! We love it!

    Wilmarie Viljoen Avatar Wilmarie Viljoen

    positive review  my boys love their woof stairs

    Ashlin Singh Avatar Ashlin Singh

    positive review  Easy ordering, easy delivery, good and well made product. Rare service from start to finish! Thank you so much

    Geolain Rust Avatar Geolain Rust

    positive review  BEST customer service ever received. I am so impressed with Ora Pets. I orders Woof Stairs on Tuesday and they arrived on Wednesday. Best purchase I have made- I wish I bought these years ago for my little dogs! Thank you so much!! I will recommend your products to everyone I know. 😀

    Alex Jordan Avatar Alex Jordan

    positive review  Outstanding service and products!! The little steps are of excellent quality and our daxi's just loves it! Thanks Ora Pets for excellent service, good quality products and super fast deliveries! Much appreciated indeed!!

    Moyra de Lange Avatar Moyra de Lange

    positive review  I love this company! Everything we've bought is of good quality and has been extremely useful, not just one of those things you buy for your pet but never use. Siggy loves his Woof Seat(s 😋) and falls asleep in it instantly, while the 2-step stairs helps him get on and off our couch with ease. Highly recommend!

    Janine Townsend Avatar Janine Townsend

    positive review  Excellent service. Really quick delivery of the little steps I ordered. Great quality and light and easy to move around. My pooches love it.

    Russell Sachs Avatar Russell Sachs

    positive review  My order for Woof Stairs 3-Step was delivered quickly, love it as it is light weight, but just wish it was a bit wider for my 46kg dog

    Ros Male Avatar Ros Male

    positive review  I recently bought the 3 steps for my elderly Jack Russell and my cross Border Collie who struggles with her front legs, so that they can get onto and off my bed. it has been a great success.

    Antoinette Pugh Avatar Antoinette Pugh

    positive review  I’m very happy with the woofstairs and really impressed with the ease of transacting as well as the promptness of delivery. Just having to train the users a bit to get used to using it. 5*

    Alan Davison Avatar Alan Davison

    positive review  Definitely! Thank you to Tara for the GREAT service delivered when I ordered my replacement cover for my ‘Handsome Boy’s’ “steppies”. You are so professional and friendly and an absolute pleasure to deal with! Thank you

    Hayley Van Rooyen Avatar Hayley Van Rooyen

    positive review  Fast and efficient service. Thank you Ora Pets! Easy site to navigate too. Not too sure who had more fun training the furries to use their new steps 🤣

    Katherine Eve Avatar Katherine Eve

    positive review  Great service and a high quality product. Thank you 😊

    Shaene Sanford Avatar Shaene Sanford

    positive review  Just want to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to Tara @orapets for your amazing customer service and heart of gold 💛. I order the steps for the girls last night and Tara personally dropped it off this morning. We also found a note and gift for Lexi ❤️❤️❤️. As you can see by the photos she loves it 🤤🤣🤦🏻‍♀️💕

    Tracy Jenkinson Avatar Tracy Jenkinson

    positive review  My order was delivered very fast, love the stairs and car chair

    Wendy Dengler Avatar Wendy Dengler

    positive review  I just purchased my 1st Woof Stairs - my little Peanut (Daschhund) has already learned to use it onto the bed, we couldn't be more thrilled!!

    Riëtte Nieuwoudt Avatar Riëtte Nieuwoudt

    positive review  We just purchased the Woofy steps for our babies and amazing how they love it. Great service.

    Jennefer Ann Gordon Grant Avatar Jennefer Ann Gordon Grant

    positive review  super fast delivery and excellent quality.

    Caren Yssel Avatar Caren Yssel

    positive review  My online order was delivered super quick - ordered on a Friday and it arrived on the next Monday. Bruce is loving his new beautiful nap station

    Walda Roux Avatar Walda Roux

    positive review  I ordered a Woofseat online, the service was incredible ! So professional and delivery was super quick. The quality is excellent too... and my Yorky loves her new seat 💕 ... just ordered the woofstairs because I’m so impressed. Thx Orapets 😘🐾 I’ll happily recommend you 👍🏻 Our Woofstairs just arrived ! 24hours after ordering ! Excellent service and excellent quality product ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and they’re a hit, getting on the couch or bed is easy peasy now 🐾🐶🐶 Ora Pets are FIRST CLASS 💖

    Lindsay Field Avatar Lindsay Field

    positive review  The Woof Stairs have added so much comfort for Oscar and his arthritis. Although it took him a while to get used to something with ‘Woof’ on it! 😳 In this picture ‘Woof stairs’ have become ‘cat bed’! 😂

    Sannette Koopman Avatar Sannette Koopman

    positive review  Not only was it super fast delivery, but awesome material and products and great customer service! My fur babies are really happy 👌🏼 Ora Pets gave me an extra special gift for Milly and Molly too 🙂

    Karishma Naran Avatar Karishma Naran

    positive review  Naps don’t get much more luxurious or stylish than the new napstation! What a beautiful gift all the way from South Africa to Switzerland just in time for my almost birthday. Thank you to our beautiful friends 💕 I now have the the entire orapets collection! Woofstairs plus woofseat 👑 🐶 #queenforaday

    Danica Buccheri Bloomberg Avatar Danica Buccheri Bloomberg

    positive review  Great service! Received the order within days in spite of being in an outlying area. The product is sturdy and stylish and good value for money. It took very little prompting to get our ageing Jack Russel to use her new steps.

    Dalene Dumont Meuche Avatar Dalene Dumont Meuche

    positive review  everything,the materials that's being used,comfort &styles

    Jennifer Beatrice Fernandez Avatar Jennifer Beatrice Fernandez

    positive review  Great product, quick delivery.

    Evelyn Wilhelm Avatar Evelyn Wilhelm

    positive review  Had to train my dog with treats to use it when she couldn't get up on the bed anymore on her own. Now it is the best as she can still cuddle up with me. Thank you from us both.

    Elizabeth Mary Ann Pugh Avatar Elizabeth Mary Ann Pugh

    positive review  Great service and good product

    Tarina Da Silva Myburgh Avatar Tarina Da Silva Myburgh

    positive review  The Ora Pets family is just amazing!!! Their good service is refreshing. Thanks Tara for all your help. You've been amazing!!!

    Janene VR Avatar Janene VR

    positive review  Tessa and Ziny absolutely adore their car seat.

    Nienke Nieuwenhuizen Avatar Nienke Nieuwenhuizen

    positive review  Thank you Tara. Awesome service!!! Order placed late morning for Noodle’s car seat and we received it that same afternoon. Fabulous fabulous fabulous!!! Highly recommended

    Samantha Dippenaar Avatar Samantha Dippenaar

    positive review  My dogs love their woofstairs ... we have them strategically placed around the house and a Woofseat in the car to keep them safe while traveling...

    Jayne le Roux Avatar Jayne le Roux

    positive review  We purchased a three stairs for our dachshund grandson Rex to help him get on bed. He absolutely loves it. The quality is great and it looks so professional. Delivery & Service was also quick & efficient. Well Done to Ora Pets. Most certainly recommend.

    Rob Abramson Avatar Rob Abramson

    positive review  Amazing service, placed an order at 10PM and it was delivered well before COB the next day & Tara personally kept me updated when it went out for delivery. Pippa loves that she can look out the window comfortably & we're happy that she's safe and secure. We also have the Woof Stairs and Pippa loves it!

    Ra-eesa Shepherd Avatar Ra-eesa Shepherd

    positive review  Cailey is such a nervous car passenger. She just loved her seat chilling looking out the window 😍

    Karen Rothman Avatar Karen Rothman

    positive review  Absolutely fabulous product and amazing service!!! We are so grateful for our wonderful Woof Seat...we are the coolest family in ITALY!!!!!!!! <3 Thank-you Tara and team!!!

    Paola Alissa Costella Avatar Paola Alissa Costella

    positive review  Zoey and I absolutely love our fuchsia pink Woof Seat 😀 It feels much safer than a crate (and more peaceful) because she is strapped in and I can keep an eye on her while I'm driving. The Woof Seat is so compact and SO easy to take in and out of the car when I need to. It also helps keep my seats (moderately) free from doggy fluff! As an added bonus, because of the height, she is now able to look out of her own window without me not being able to see out of mine! � The Woof Seat definitely lessens the stress of driving with your pooch - especially for long distance! I would recommend this to anyone! 😀 <3

    Whitney Gayle Baartman Avatar Whitney Gayle Baartman

    positive review  Luna and I love her woofstairs! I ordered online on Saturday and received the package on Monday afternoon. Excellent service delivery from The Courier Guy. Material quality looks good. Have not yet washed it but it looks easy with the zip cover method.

    Sherenè Jordaan Tait Avatar Sherenè Jordaan Tait

    positive review  Awesome quality and workmanship and Tara is always friendly and greets you with a smile ...😊

    Ayoob Ctsr Kasu Avatar Ayoob Ctsr Kasu

    positive review  Excellent service and a superb product, our pug baby loves his woof seat and so do we

    Samantha James Avatar Samantha James

    positive review  Thank you Tara for assisting us with our order. Great service and super quick delivery.

    Ziska Breukelman Avatar Ziska Breukelman

    positive review  Absolutely amazing service - I ordered on Sunday evening and I had my Woof stairs by Monday lunchtime! Thank you so much...and the stairs are perfect for my little maltese to climb up onto our bed. Highly recommended!

    Trish Mitchell Avatar Trish Mitchell

    positive review  An absolutely awesome product for my furkids!!! I have 2 Rescues and a Yorkie and the medium "gracefully aging" rescue and the young energetic Yorkie love using the stairs getting on the bed. This sure makes life so much easier, and I haven't even mentioned my 18-year-old rescue who may not see the stairs because of her eyesight, however, the moment she realizes it climbs up and down with ease. Incredibly happy and will recommend the stairs to anyone, its a must have in the house for sure!!

    Crystal Sparky Staack Avatar Crystal Sparky Staack

    positive review  The woof seat is amazing and the best service ever from Tara and her team .

    Susan Hoare Avatar Susan Hoare

    positive review  My furkids love their WoofSeat!! They sleep in it in the house and I feel they are much safer in the car being strapped in. It also prevents them from wanting to move around in the car and sit on my lap while I am driving. They’re also seated higher and can see out the window. Our cat loves to sleep in it in the house and the dogs have to wait their turn!! The cat rules!! 😸

    Karine Ann Morgan Fenton Avatar Karine Ann Morgan Fenton

    We spend about 2 hours a day in Gauteng traffic on our way to doggy daycare and back. Griffin loves the fact that he can see what's going on around us and I love that he is safe and buckled up. Thank you for a lovely product.

    Elmaine Volschenk Avatar Elmaine Volschenk

    positive review  I was simply blown away by the service delivery ....with me leaving the Cape in 2 days , I sent an email this morning to find out the quickest way for me to get some dog steps before I left ... Tara got back to me immediately and by 3.30pm the same afternoon the delivery was at my door �� Cant wait to test the stairs with Levi once I get to Durban. � The service was just phenomenal ..well done Tara and the woofseat team; and the Courier Guys for the collective fast response time . I will be sure to use your services again

    Terry-Lee Newton Avatar Terry-Lee Newton

    Life changing product for your pooch! I am thrilled with my Woof Seat and would happily recommend this product for anyone with small dogs who travel in the car. Thank you Tara & the Ora Pets Team for such phenomenal service.

    Kylie Hartley Avatar Kylie Hartley

    positive review  I am thrilled with the large Woof Seat for our two poodles. Our older poodle has become unsettled when travelling and the height and support of the seat has made him much more relaxed when in the car. Most happy to recommend this for any small dog owner.

    Sue Morrison Avatar Sue Morrison

    positive review  The two step steps I purchased for my 3 mini Yorkies are perfect for our couch, no more lifting up & down except for when the one little girl decides to have a snooze on them & blocks the way for the other two. Thanks a great product which has given me peace of mind.

    Kathy Choromanski Avatar Kathy Choromanski

    positive review  The Woof stairs are amazing. We have 3 Dachshunds and they just love running up and down the stairs getting on and off the couch. We have 2 sets of stairs now - one for the lounge and 1 for the braai room. I would highly recommend the stairs to anyone as it makes life so much easier not only for the fur babies who think this is just great - but for the hooman too 🙂

    Gerry Hart Avatar Gerry Hart

    positive review  Thank you , what a difference it has made, I love it . Have two Daschunds the one took to it immediately but Milo still thinks he's the boss so jumped in and out of it, but mostly in ! They can see out and I think that's makes them quite calm .

    Michelle Tebbs Avatar Michelle Tebbs

    positive review  Amazing service - I ordered on Saturday and had my woof stairs by Tuesday morning (in December!)

    Claire Wallace Avatar Claire Wallace

    positive review  Over a year ago I saw an ad on Instagram for Woof Seat and actually thought they were an American company, until I went onto their page. I got quite excited because we were living in Joburg at the time and were about to relocate to the Cape and didn't know how our fur babies would handle the long road trip. We ordered the deluxe Woof Seat and straps. My mom ever spoke to Tara to make sure they were a real company� we got such amazing service from them. But let me tell you, our pups have gone from hating the car to absolutely loving it, trips down to the beach, the parlour you name it, they are stress free and everywhere we go, people see our Woof Seat and ask us about it. The only time we take it out of the car is when we clean it. It was the BEST investment we EVER made. And to see how well the business is doing now just warms our hearts! Now we just need to save to buy the 3 step stairs! Thank you Woof Seat for making our babies car journeys a joy- we are forever grateful! �

    Lauren-Ashleigh Lowenburg Avatar Lauren-Ashleigh Lowenburg

    Our two pugs love climbing up and down their woofstairs which means no more sore backs for us:) I would also highly recommend the woofseat!

    Nick Fermor Avatar Nick Fermor

    positive review  Bought a three step Woof stair today and it’s awesome. My Scottie can now get onto the bed all by herself and the non-slip mat is an added bonus. Thanks! � 10/10 �

    Jean Patricia Glazer Avatar Jean Patricia Glazer

    positive review  What a great product and service! We were helped by a delightful lady when we phoned and we received or woof seat the next day! Our Bosties love driving in the car with us and being able to see out of the window now is an extra big treat.

    Natasha Burger Avatar Natasha Burger

    positive review  Quite an amazing product and it was sent as if meant to be - I have four Dachshund pups (whom sleeps on our bed:) and they love their new stairs. It saves them a lot of impact on their backs - seeing jumping is not necessary at all anymore and a few treats up the stairs got the route nailed. I'd have love if there was a bit more color variety to choose from - the high three step woof seat wasn't available in dark grey (which I'd have preferred) or maybe a darker brown than the current caramel color available. Those little paws are quite dirty 50% of the time and it would've been better to keep it clean (looking) in those colors. But all in all - all my friends now want to have one too and I'd recommend it any time of day! 🙂

    Stefanie van der Walt Avatar Stefanie van der Walt

    positive review  Just bought our woof stairs for our 12 yr old daxie Waffle who suffers from arthritis- she absolutely loves them!

    Morag Wilson Avatar Morag Wilson

    positive review  Great service!!! So responsive and I just love supporting local businesses!! Thanks guys for a great, quality product!!!

    Roberto Mathys Avatar Roberto Mathys

    positive review  The Woof Seat is an amazing product - I feel so reassured that Puccini is safe while driving with us in the car! He loves his woof seat and his woof chairs to get on & off the bed! Buying the Woof Seat and the delivery was effortless and so efficient! But most of all is the importance of the after care customer service from Tara & the team! They continue to follow-up & always ask for pictures of our little guy enjoying his woof seat!! I would definitely recommend anyone that cares about the safety of their pet in the car to contact Tara and the team at Woof Seat!!

    Lizette Kritzinger Avatar Lizette Kritzinger

    I love it! keeps muddy paws off seats, my babies see out the window without jumping about the car and I have peace of mind because they are secured. Doubles as a bed when I travel locally which is super convenient.

    Élia Luisa Da Silva Avatar Élia Luisa Da Silva

    The woof stairs are wonderful making life so much easier for my dogs.

    Lianda Van Zyl Avatar Lianda Van Zyl

    Quality product. Easy to install and remove. Very impressive clip design. Makes travel a much better experience for us and the dogs. UPDATE: 1 year on and still loving the Woof Seats. They have been trampled, peed in, slept in, scratched at, dirtied, washed and moved between the house and car more times than we can imagine. The dogs have even messed in them as well. And yet here we are one year later with a product that has withstood all of that and bar our dodgy refitting skills, the sponge and the material cover look as good as new (minus a very tiny bit of sun damage). Not once has a dog's pee made its way past the material and soaked into the sponge. Not once has a dog scratch left a permanent cut in the material and not a millimeter has the sponge base given and left a permanent indentation. Not once has there been doubt in my mind that the Woof Seat wouldn't be up to the task. This is a quality product easily worth the asking price and I still stand by my 5 star review of it, from the order placement all the way through to the first anniversary of its first day of abuse at the hands/paws/jaws of the couch-eating furniture-destroying monsters I lovingly call my awesome little dogs.

    Duncan Lubbe Avatar Duncan Lubbe

    positive review  My doggie loves it and can now come up for a cuddle anytime

    Zelda Brits Avatar Zelda Brits

    positive review  I ordered woof stairs for a client of mine and it was delivered within days! Very impressed with the quality and service. Thank you!

    Madelein Smit Avatar Madelein Smit

    positive review  Super fast delivery! Best quality step out there! Worth every penny! Have ordered 2 already and want a third as well!

    Zerina Joette Huisamen Curiger Avatar Zerina Joette Huisamen Curiger

    positive review  Brilliant incentive! Such a worthwhile product.Has made life so much easier.

    Monica Kriel Palmer Avatar Monica Kriel Palmer

    positive review  Amazing product. Stable, doesn't get off balanced and my fur child loves it � Makes both our lives easier ���

    Candice Eilertsen Avatar Candice Eilertsen

    positive review  Fantastic and efficient service! My dog just loves her Woof Seat. 🙂

    Erin Torres Avatar Erin Torres

    Our two step Woof Stairs have been a great way for our doggies to get onto the bed. They love it. The service we got from Woof Seat has been amazing....questions answered promptly and although I never saw Tara's face, I could tell it was service with a smile �

    Karine Ann Morgan Fenton Avatar Karine Ann Morgan Fenton

    positive review  We absolutely love our Woof Seat. It's great for short trips around town or long road trips far away. The clip is a must and saved our little baby when she jumped out the window. Absolutely awesome service from Tara who communicated all through the purchase. If you have a little fur baby you travel with get a Woof Seat no doubt!

    Lee Preiss Avatar Lee Preiss

    positive review  We received Tanner's woof seat today, which we haven't used yet, but the quality looks great and he is sleeping in it already before we have put it in the car! Thanks for the great service Tara

    Sabrina Moffat Avatar Sabrina Moffat

    positive review  Our babies love their Woof Seat. They think they are very posh heading to class on the car.

    Judy Harrison Avatar Judy Harrison

    positive review  So happy with our Woof Stairs which arrived today �� Thank you Tara for the great service too! Love the product - now just have to teach my 13 year ol girl � how to use them.. �

    Lynne Behagg Avatar Lynne Behagg

    positive review  Perfect place for the fur babies - especially the little guys who also like looking at the scenery. My 2 absolutely love their Woof Seat Deluxe!

    Coral Du Plessis Avatar Coral Du Plessis

    positive review  If the Woof Stairs that I've ordered via Tara at Ora Pets, are anything like the superb service I've received, I'll be over the moon and so will my dog kiddos be! I'm in Namibia and it usually is not so "einfach" to order something from South Africa. But this process was super smooth, efficient, treated with urgency and very, very friendly. Plus there was no hassle; the quote was sent immediately, I paid and my Woof Stairs are merrily on their way. Thank you so very much! I'll be posting and update here when my Woof Stairs have arrived!

    Katja Bär Glöditzsch Avatar Katja Bär Glöditzsch

    positive review  Hi I find it easy very comfortable and absolutely cut and adorable for the puppies thank you woof seat for making our best friends lives enjoyable

    Rachel Naidoo Avatar Rachel Naidoo

    positive review  The woof seat arrived the day after placing the order! Tara you were an absolute gem about answering all of my questions! The product is brilliant quality and easy to install! My fur kids looooove it and they are safe and secure in the woof seat.

    Pria Govinden Avatar Pria Govinden

    Our seat arrived today and my two are in love! They won't even get out so we can put it in the car... � Think we will need one for the car and one for the house! Thank you so much! Complete happiness...

    Jeanine Van Zyl Avatar Jeanine Van Zyl

    I am going to order one for my Daxie babies.

    Lauren de Beer Avatar Lauren de Beer

    positive review  Quality product. Easy to install and remove. Very impressive clip design. Makes travel a much better experience for us and the dogs.

    Duncan Lubbe Avatar Duncan Lubbe