Some people may not think that dogs belong on couches or sleep in their humans’ beds. We are NOT those people. In fact, we designed the Woof Stairs to make it easier and safer for our little fur babies to hop on for TV or nap time. The 2-Step Woof Stairs are ideal for your couch while the 3-Step Woof Stairs make it easier for your babies to hop into bed. The stairs are made out of high density foam to reduce the impact on your dog’s joints and back. They are ideal for pooches with little legs as well as those recovering from injuries. They also come in a range of durable and removable, washable covers to suit your bedroom or lounge style. Shop the range now.

2-Step Woof Stairs

Ora Pets Woof Stairs 2 Step

3-Step Woof Stairs

Ora Pets Woof Stairs 3 step